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Image courtesy Lancaster University. (I love this image…it says what we already know!)

Women and resistance walk August 2019

I was invited by Lancaster University; to undertake some research – then turn this into a walk linked to their Remembering Resistance project. The project aims to map regional women’s resistance post 1918; uncovering everyday stories of activism.

Me: rear garden area Pankhurst Centre, Manchester beginning of the walk.

The walk began from The Pankhurst Centre, Nelson Street, Manchester. For the research; attendees were given opportunity inside the Centre to add their protest stories (photo below) and thoughts about why women should protest.

Flip chart board ..attendees added comments.
Garden in bloom at The Pankhurst Centre
Outside Manchester Students Union building, Oxford Road.
Quadrangle at Manchester University
Quadrangle at Manchester University discussing Ellen Wilkinson’s role.
Enlightening stories about the suffragettes, modern protest about data storage and climate change.
Attendees sharing their stories.

The walk uncovered Emmeline Pankhurst, Louisa Da Cocodia, Ellen Wilkinson and Marie Stopes, Malcolm X, anti-apartheid demonstrations and how students have been involved in climate change, human rights campaigning or fought for their rights to have female student representatives and co-working/social spaces at the University. The aim was to encourage ex-alumni to share their experiences and gather new resistance stories.

Further information linked to the project can be found at .

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