Heritage Exhibition

Back in 2018 I was commissioned by Bolton Council to support a community group; Hall i’th’Wood Community and Environment Group, research the history of their estate.Hall i’th’Wood is a 1930s Council estate; close to Hall i’th’Wood Museum; where Samuel Crompton invented the Spinning mule in 1779.I spent several months; supporting the group; we had meetings, walked around the estate, shared stories/photographs and spent time researching in Bolton Local History Centre.We then collated our research into a temporary display which we used as a focal point for a drop-in day and we took it to the local church luncheon club, we even took it to the local pub! To generate discussion and encourage people to share their stories.Finally all the information gathered; we discussed which stories/images we felt would work to show a historical timeline. I then pooled all this together and designed 23 display boards for our exhibition.Launch day 23rd March 2019 opened by MP David Crausby; the exhibition runs until 30th April 2019 at Hall’i’th’Wood Museum open Tuesday 10 am – 4 pm and Saturday 12 pm – 4 pm. With further research shared on our webpages http://www.hallithwoodestateourhistory.comIt was a pleasure, working with the community group; sharing their gossip/ memories and to see them enjoying the final research come together.They managed to research back to 1400s, a great achievement 🙂Above; Community group members with final display boards.

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