Tracing family history: 70th birthday tour, with luxury vehicle.

Started tour from The Principle Hotel; so pot of tea in The Winter Garden to fortify myself …mmm cosey!

The family arrive…and join me for tea.

Mum (Moira in blue cardigan) had no idea her afternoon 70th Birthday celebrations were to include a tour around sites her family had lived. Her daughter Hannah (left holding camera) has been tracing the family tree; we were going back to 1889 for the afternoon.

Prior to the family’s visit; Hannah and I had regularly corresponded. She had sent me addresses; occupations and names of churches for marriages etc. I had been to the archives and uncovered photographs; stories to create a portfolio of the sites we would be visiting.

Using old maps; our first stop was Longacre Street (formerly Long Street). Then we moved over to Piercy Street, Ancoats (above)

Many of the areas we visited had changed; a walk around Anita Street, Ancoats above. Gave the family a sense of the types of traditional housing there was in the area. Plus the family could trace there routes to Ireland; we talked about the Irish and Italian communities living here; working in the mills. The area was known as “Little Italy”.

We had a driver and car for the afternoon (silver Mercedes people carrier above) On a chilly day with distances to cover across the City; this was welcomed!

Above; family near “Cock Robin Bridge” old Whit Lane area; Salford. Had their ancestors used it as a cut-through?

Brief walk around historic Chapel Street, Salford area up to St Phillips Church. The church was painted by LS Lowry.

Above; great family shot. Peeping through “Sycamore Seed” near St Phillips Church, Salford; part of Irwell Sculpture Trail.

Moira’s family lived in “Hanky Park”; otherwise known as Hankinson Street, Salford (photo above: Hankinson Street 1966; courtesy Salford Museum and Art Gallery)

A lovely day celebrating family on Mum’s birthday!

A week or so after the tour I received a lovely thank you card from the customers;

“Dear Suzanne; I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful trip you gave us; your attention to detail was spectacular”

Length of tour; 2 hours.

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